Permanent hire

We strive to be our clients preferred partner in recruitment by offering competent, available and quality assured candidates that contribute to the company though their competence.

Our recruitment advisors are experienced in recruitment for permanent positions and can offer different packages to help with the recruitment process.

It is important for us to get to know you as a client in order to gain a good understanding of your needs, vision and work environment. This gives us an understanding of the competence profile you are searching for. In this way we can deliver the right profile in relation to both professional competence and personal qualities.

Several of our experienced recruiters are Aon Assessment certified, and we can offer ability-, skill- and personality test as a part of the recruitment process. The test can be tailored to the work analysis and provides an objective assessment of the candidate and will contribute to a better and more fair process. In addition, the assessment will give a better foundation to evaluate if the candidate has the necessary skills and experience for the role and a compatible personality for the client’s company culture.

We offer advisement to our clients through the process and can assist in weighing the candidates in a selection process. The final selection is done by the client. If desired, we can also assist with the negotiation process and give council in conjunction with conclusion of contract with the selected candidate.

The fee for our services will be a percentage of the yearly salary offered to the candidate, which will be agreed upon before the recruitment processes takes place, and will be invoiced when the contract between client and candidate has been signed.

Please contact us for more information on the different recruitment packages we offer.


Project Phases

  • Studies
  • Design, Planning and Engineering.
  • Fabrication and Installation
  • Testing, Commissioning, and Operation
  • Decommissioning

Engineering disciplines

  • Piping and Pipe Support
  • Structure
  • Process
  • Subsea
  • Mechanical
  • Electro, Instrument & Telecom
  • HVAC
  • Quality, HSE & Technical Safety
  • IT
  • Marine Operations
  • Construction
  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Material

Project Management

  • Project Managers with varied experience

Project Administration

  • Procurement
  • Contract
  • Document Control/LCI
  • Cost Control
  • Logistics & Material Management
  • Planning
  • Economy
  • HR